WorkSafeBC claims for COVID-19 infection: What you need to know
WorkSafeBC recently released updated guidance on adjudicating COVID-19 claims, which can be found here.

The updated guidance now confirms that a positive test (PCR or otherwise) is not required for WorkSafeBC to adjudicate a COVID-19 claim.

If the PCR test was not done, the adjudicator will then ask the claimant what other evidence they have of a COVID-19 infection and weigh that evidence to determine if the worker has a COVID-19 claim. This includes evidence of a different type of positive test, a medical diagnosis, or other evidence that supports the worker has contracted COVID-19, such as another staff member or student with a diagnosed COVID-19 infection.

If you believe you contracted COVID-19 at work, we strongly encourage you to file a claim with WorkSafeBCFiling a claim is important in the short term to protect your sick leave provisions. It’s also important should you experience longer lasting effects related to contracting COVID-19.


Need support with a WorkSafeBC claim?
Instructions for how to file a WorkSafeBC claim can be found on the BCTF website here. If you require assistance with your WorkSafeBC claim, please contact the BCTF WorkSafeBC Advocate Luke Olver at 1-800-663-9163, local 1890, or email [email protected].


Refusing unsafe work
All workers have the right to refuse unsafe work. Learn more about your rights and the process for refusing unsafe work here. You are strongly encouraged to contact your local union office and work with your school-based Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee to support you through this process.

Where to find all health and safety resources and guidance
We have compiled detailed health and safety guidance and links to external resources on the BCTF website. There you will find information on:

  • how to get help with an active health and safety issue at your workplace.
  • requesting an appeal or review of a WorkSafeBC decision.
  • health and safety guidelines, including BCTF factsheets and guidance on topics such as filing claims, harassment, reporting injuries, refusing unsafe work, and investigations; and WorkSafeBC information specific to teachers.
  • WorkSafeBC forms and their links.
  • current health and safety updates.